Saturday, December 26, 2009

♥Weekly Hearts♥

Hello! Here are this week's hearts:

Natural Makeup
I became a huge makeup fan about a year and a half ago, when I stated to watch xsparkage on YouTube. Ever since, I've gained great skill putting on bold eyeshadows (purples, smoky eyes, blues, even red!). I've also gained a great amount of eyeshadows! But that's another story... The point is, lately I've been really into "natural" makeup or,a term I stole from "Sex and the City" (typical), invisible makeup. Which is basically when you wear makeup, but at first glance it looks like you're just naturally beautiful. So all I've been wearing lately is a little concealer under my eyes, little or no eyeliner on my top lid only, mascara, and pink lipstick/lipgloss. Not only is this super fast, but I feel so light and pretty.

I tried to quit coffee. Yeah, that didn't work out for more than a month. And I've been drinking tons of coffee lately, and by lots I mean about two cups a day. And I love lattes! They're so good! Sometimes I just make regular coffee just to cut calories from the milk, though...

Conair Facial Sauna System
I got this as a Christmas present for my mom, as I mentioned in my previous post. I have yet to try it, but I probably will tonight because I'm so excited. I will be writting a review on it after I try it, in case you're wondering.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

I just read on Twitter from Jefree Star that Brittany Murphy died. I thought it was some sort of inside joke, but then I scrolled down the page and TMZ had posted about it.

I truly cannot believe it. "Don't Say a Word" is one of my favorite movies, EVER! And I also thought she was great in "Girl, Interrupted" and "Just Married".

I hope her husband and her family can find comfort during this difficult time. My most sincere condolence goes to them.

May she rest in peace.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

♥Weekly Hearts♥

Hello! Here are this week's hearts! And a sad little heartache. 

Cupcake Hair Ties
I got these cute hair ties at the Dollar Tree! They're so cute! I've been wearing pigtails for the past couple of days just so I can wear the cupcakes. The package came with five: pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. I wanted to buy two packages so I had matching pairs for my pigtails, but I'm trying to save up. And it's always fun to mix and match! I love the glittery part :]

SweeTarts Candy Canes
 I love candy canes, but I prefer the tarty sweetness of the SweeTarts candy canes. One of my favorite holiday candies. 

Cotton Container
I also got this container at the Dollar Tree, and I though it was perfect to store my cotton balls because it is airtight. I just love looking at it, I think the cotton balls look like snow!

 Maybelline's The Colossal Volum' Express
I've been meaning to try this mascara probably since it came out, but I never got around to it. Seeing it's bold colors in stores really appealed to me, but for some reason I never bought it. Until about a month ago. I put it on as soon as I got home from the store, and my jaw dropped. It is definitely my favorite mascara. I've been meaning to write about it, but for some reason I keep forgetting. This mascara deserves a post for itself; which I'll definitely write (and put pictures too!).


Heartache: Max is sick
My best friend has been sick for the past couple of days, I just don't know what's wrong with him and it breaks my heart to see him like that. I've been giving him soft food and pumpkin, but I'm not sure if it is working. This morning my dad gave him a little aspirin (about 50 mg), so I hope that helps.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Look for the Blog

For a while I've been trying to give the blog a new look, and last night I finally finished. I like to think of it as Cotton Candy themed, because of the blue and pink. I made the banner using Photoshop for the image editing and Paint for the font; and I was really pleased with the result. So I hope my dear readers like it! :]

PS. I'm spending a lot of time thinking of things to blog about, so keep tuned!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

♥Weekly Hearts♥

Hello! I'm alive, and everything is fine. I just pretty much failed on doing my "Weekly Hearts" for the past couple of... months... Extremely sorry! But I will be pushing myself to do them timely.

Enough intro, let's get to the hearts:

Echofon (for Firefox)
I've been really into Twitter lately (follow me @anitalolita). I tweet about my uninteresting life, but mostly I like reading other people's tweets. And Echofon has made this so much easier :] I also have TwitterBar, but I do think Echofon is much better.

Pink Lips
I've been wearing pink lips everyday for the past couple of weeks. I love it! I feel it looks really girly and pretty and flirty. I've been using a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick, and yesterday I actually bought my first lipstick from my mom. It's a beautiful barbie pink that I'll be wearing a lot! :]
PS. Those are my lips.

Christmas Carols
Okay people. I love Christmas carols. I'm that kind of person. I'll even listen to them in July! This deserves a whole "Random Fact About Me" post, so I will definitely do that. But I will tell you that I've been bursting into "Winter Wonderland" this whole week. It's my favorite carol and I will write about it in my next random fact post.

Hello Kitty Compact
I got this at Target. Target, you're draining my bank account!! But I think it was a very well spent $3.99. I love it! I was actually thinking about ordering a similar one from the online Sanrio store, but plus shipping it would probably end up being more than $10, which is ridiculous. But I like it very much, and it also had a hair brush, which does come in handy. The only think I don't like is the smell. It smells like vegan smoked sausage: not good. But it's kind of fading (or I'm getting used to it), which is good.

Ok, this might be TMI, so I'm warning you.
I switched to tampons on Monday (12/7/09), and I am in heaven! I can't believe I didn't try them before. I'm regular/heavy flow, so I always used the Always Maxi pads, which are kinda bulky. Pads are not the best thing, it feels like a diaper and you're carrying your period around in your panties for a couple of hours (that's what I was talking about when I said TMI alert). And I always worried they would show through my pants... But I don't think I'll go back to only using pads. Tampons are amazing.

So here are this week's hearts, I hope you enjoyed reading through. I'll see your in my next post! :]

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My second vegetarian anniversary.

I can't believe it's been two years. I truly cannot. But I am twice as proud of myself as I was last year. Here's to another great year as a vegetarian, and many more to come!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

♥Weekly Hearts♥

As promised! Here are this week's hearts (the things I'm loving). Hope you enjoy!

♥My car:
[[photo here coming soon]]
I have yet to tell you that I got a car!! My very first one, in fact. It's a 2003 Hyundai Accent. It is small, 5 speed, and green. It has some details that I will fix over time, but it runs well, and it was in my tight student budget. I just love my little car. It's my new boyfriend! And I named it "Avocado", don't ask why :]

♥My heart shaped glasses:
[[photos coming soon, i promise]]
I've never been a fan of sunglasses, mostly because I have to wear prescription glasses. And I've had to wear them since I was 4, so I have a sort of hatred towards them. But how could I not love my heart shaped glasses? I just love how "Lolita" they are, and how I feel so cool when I drive my avocado wearing them. Ok, hold on a second. I know what you're thinking!: "Don't you need your prescription glasses to drive?!". Well, yes I do. I wear my prescription glasses most of the time when I drive, but sometimes the sun is in my face and I feel that taking my prescription glasses off and putting on the hearts doesn't hurt :] And it's not like I'm partially blind or anything :]

♥Hello Kitty Band-Aids

I donated blood on Tuesday at my school's blood drive. The guy who took my blood was enormous (I don't mean to be mean, but he really was a big guy). I think people that size shouldn't deal with small veins. It was a painful experience. The first time I donated, the lady had a very good hand and I didn't feel a thing, but this guy was brutal. Basically, I was left with a bruise which made me look like I had been shooting some heroin. So nothing like a cute bandage to cover it up! :]

So these are my weekly hearts, I hope you enjoyed them!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Section: "Weekly Hearts: Things I'm loving this week!"

Hello my dear readers, I'm sorry I've slacked a bit (okay, a lot!) on the blog, but school has kept me busy. Still, I don't want to put that as an excuse, because I've had time to spare for my pretty blog. I've been thinking a lot about adding a "weekly section" to it, so that it "forces" me to keep my blog updated. So I though, what could be something I could make a post of every week, and that wouldn't require much from me, yet still be interesting? Well, ta-dah! A week favorites! Fun, right? I think so!

So basically I would list things I'm in love with that week; anything from blue eyeshadow to unicorns, or hair bows to America's Next Top Model, etc. And I've even thought about occasionally adding a "Heartache" space to add things that I really don't like. I promise it will be fun, and you will get to know a little more about me.

So look for the "Weekly Hearts" every Saturday!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I never thought I'd see the day.

Guess what? I finally got my driving license!!

Yesterday, my brother lent me his car so I could practice being on the road and parking in it. I learned to drive in my mom's car, which has manual transmission and is much smaller, but for some issues I couldn't use it for my test; so my dear brother lent me his car.

I instantaneously got the hang of it, although I did reach to change gears a couple of times, and also my left foot felt weird being unused. Seriously, automatic is a breeze! And so comfortable! Yet, manual is so much fun...

But my brother said that today he was going to be held up at school, so we decided to go take the test some other day. But, he got home at around 11:30 AM, saying that he had finished up what he had to do and that we could use his car. I quickly got in the shower, and got ready. My parents cleaned up the car and put some nice smelling stuff in it. And we were off to the DMV office.

I drove, and I was a bit nervous. When we got there, my dad got in line, and told me to sit. When he was going to be next, we switched places. I told the lady I came to get my driver's license, and gave her my I.D. and Social Security Card. She was pulling out some forms and asked me if I had had other licenses before. I told her: "No, but I have a permit", to which she said: "Oh! Well that changes things!". I hoped it was for the better. It was. She then put the form back, and got another one out.

I filled out my form and got in another line. The lady gave me an appointment for 2 o'clock. I was a bit confused. "What about the computer test?", I wondered. I went back to where my parents were sitting and told them we had to come back at 2 o'clock. My mom asked me the same thing I was wondering, to which I came to the conclusion that I only had to take the computer test once, and that one time was when I got my permit.

I felt happy. I was way more nervous about the computer test than about the road test. I'm serious!

It was 1 o'clock, and before we left, my dad told me to practice my parallel parking a few times. I did it great the first time. The next six times totally sucked. My dad was getting anxious, which made me nervous and almost made me want to cry because he was getting all jumpy and making me even more nervous! He then told me to go around the parking lot and try it again. We both calmed and I did it great the first try. I wanted to leave after that, haha! But instead of going home and back, we decided to go to a nearby McDonald's and get some sundaes. Then we went to Big Lots, where I roamed in the makeup section and almost bought some cheapo eyeshadows.

We got back to the DMV 5 minutes early, and waited. They called my name, along with a couple other people. They told us take our cars and park them in the area with the cones. I did so, it was easy :] I was third in line. The first examiner came and took the first person. Then the second examiner came and started examining the girl next to me. She was basically asking her to use her right and left signal, etc., and I was locating them too, just to make sure I knew where everything was.

Then the first examiner came back, and came with me. She asked for the insurance and my form. She examined the car (right and left signals, brake lights, etc). Then she got in. She said: "It's a little warm in here". It was, I was sweating a lot and had been wiping my face with a tissue. I turned on the car and turned the A/C to the highest. Also the radio came on, which was turned off when I parked, but I immediately turned it off.

She told me to "Go ahead and parallel park". My nightmare!! But to my surprise, I did it superbly. And then we were really off to the road. First she told me to go right as we left the DMV parking lot, which led us to a residential area. Turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left... Then she told me to stop, and back in reverse. Dammit! I didn't practice that. I did it, and I ended up.. kinda in the other lane... She told me to watch my orientation. I was just hoping that wouldn't be a deadly mistake. She then sent me into a road with actual traffic. I did good. We got back into the residential area and into the DMV parking lot again. I parked, and turned off the car. She then said: "You did good". To which, in the tone she said it, I was expecting a "But you didn't pass" to follow. I said "Thank you". But then she said: "I don't have to lecture you or anything". I laughed a little and said: "Thank you" again. She then gave me my form back and told me to go back in the in where I had gotten my appointment, and that they would give me my temporary license there. She got out of the car and I kinda stayed there for a moment, not believing what had just happened. I quickly scanned the form to find a check mark next to: "Passed". I then looked at the clock. It was 2:29 PM. I grabbed my Hello Kitty purse and got out of the car. I had the biggest smile on my face! I rarely smile like that when I'm alone. I wast just, so happy. I got in the office again and went up to my parents and told them: "I have a license now!". They congratulated me and I went to get back in line.

I had been sweating a lot, and my hair was a mess. I wanted to go fix myself up for the picture (oh man, typical girl!), but thought it was a bit too much. But then my mom went up to me and told me to go fix myself for the picture. I then realized I would have to live for I-don't know-how-many years with a crappy picture if I didn't. I went to the bathroom, brushed my hair, and put on some lip gloss. Apparently I took a little long, and my mom followed me into the bathroom and told me that I just needed a quick fix, not a makeover. I finished up and went back out. I waited in line and when it was my turn I went up to the lady and told her I had just done my driving test. To which she told me: "Oh, you want to take your driving test?". The horror! I said: "No, I just took my test and the lady told me to come back here". She then understood what I was saying and took my $24 dollars, my fingerprints, and my picture.

I suck at taking pictures when I'm not holding the camera. She was looking at the screen and she smiled. I was going crazy in my mind for that smile! "Did she smile because I came out funny looking? Was it because of my pink hair? Oh my gosh! The camera is totally going to mess up the pink hair!". She then gave me my temporary license and told me to check if the information on it was correct. It was. I asked her if I could drive with that permit. To which she said: "Yes, and you will get your license in the mail in 8 weeks". I thanked her and left.

I got back to my parents and showed them my "license", I was so happy! We then went back home.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

According to my birth certificate, 19 years ago I was born.

I really don't like birthdays. I feel awkward being congratulated and asked: "What does it feel like to be 19?". It doesn't feel different. I will feel awkward when later on I have to say my age and I hesitate in a mental battle that goes something like:
-I'm 18, I mean 19, I mean, yeah 19...

Also I feel like I have to be the center of attention the entire day, and that I need to act entertaining for everyone. I also feel awkward opening gifts. What if I don't like it? I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling, I wanna be thankful. What if it's cash? I like cash, yet it's not something that will take my breath away. What if I don't get anything? Well that would suck, yet it would be great at the same time.

I also feel like I need to have a smile fixed on my face the entire day. My face hurts when I smile for too long. Even if it is genuine. If it's not genuine, my face trembles.

But yet here I am: "Another year older, but none the wiser". I'm just glad I'm healthy, and with my family. That's enough to make me happy. Happy birthday, to me :]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random Fact About Myself #3

I like to drink coffee in a big coffee mug.

I love to drink coffee every morning. And sometimes even in the afternoon while my mom and I watch a Mexican gossip show. And I always drink it in one of the big red cups we have, while my mom drinks it in a skimpy white cup.

I cannot explain why I don't like small cups, I just don't. I feel that coffee tastes better in my big red cup :]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Fingernails: Glittery Pink Candy

Aren't they pretty? I know!! Here's what I used:

nail growth treatment-green
Step 1- Apply a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition (around $7 at Target). Wait for your fingernails to absorb it completely.

nail polish-pink nail polish-love
Step 2- Apply a coat of Pure Ice in "Love" ($2 at Walmart). What a pretty name! Wait for it to dry completely. Apply another coat, and wait for it to dry as well.

spit fire-glitter nail polish
Step 3- Add a thin layer of Pure Ice in "Spit Fire" ($2 at Walmart), and wait for it to dry. Add a second and third coat. Wait for it to dry.

nailgrowth miracle-nail treatment
Step 4- Apply a protective top coat. I'm using Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle (around $7 at Target) only because it already got tacky and I didn't have anything else in hand. Also I didn't want to skip this step because when the glittery nail polish dries, it's rough to the touch (you can feel the glitter) and that drives me nuts. And this added a nice smooth layer.

And that's it! Really simple and really cute :]

Click on the picture to see the full size (1024x768). The glittery one looks pretty cool :]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Kitty + Target = ♥

I apparently have some weird addiction to Hello Kitty, and the one dollar section at Target. So when Target decides to put Hello Kitty stuff in the one dollar section, it's just too perfect. I've only seen them put Hello Kitty stuff in that section twice. And both times I've bought some things.

The first time, which was maybe like a year ago, I bought:
-A five color pen.
-A vinyl wallet
-Two key chains
-A set of two headbands. Only one had a Hello Kitty in it, though. Which I broke, but it was nothing a little super glue couldn't fix :]
And two other things for my little cousin (I think it was another 5 color pen and a set of two painting thingies, and she gave me one)

And on my last Hello Kitty haul, I bought:
-Three little spiral notebooks
-A magnet list pad
-Two key chains (which are hollow, rather than completely out of plastic like the previous ones)
-A necklace and bracelet set

And I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff from the school supplies section:
-One pencil case
-A set of two mechanical pencils

They also had pencil sets at the dollar section, which I almost bought, but I controlled myself. I don't really use pencils anyways.

So this is my Target Hello Kitty haul. I think I should stop spending money, and save up for my car. Definitely :]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome back, baby.

I just got my laptop back! Yay! I'm so happy! It looks huge!! I'm not even kidding. Even though its a small (14 inch screen) laptop, using the HP mini (10.2 inch screen) for the last couple of days totally messed up my perception.

I got this laptop from my dad, and it only had 512MB of RAM, with Vista. Those are two things that should not be paired. So I finally decided to take it to a tech and add 2 GB of RAM to it. It runs so much faster now! I will be able to use Photoshop more easily, and watch movies, and other good stuff.

But I am going to miss the webcam of the HP mini. That was so much fun :[

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need my driver's license.

I got my driving permit a couple of days after my 18th birthday. Almost one year later, I still don't have my driver's license. This is pathetic!! I admit it! And the worst thing is that I needed to get my license before going back to school, because my brother (who was my chauffeur [jk, jk]) is going to another school from now on. And I, like the good procrastinator I am, have waited until the last moment to sit down and study.

I have fourteen days until school starts, and I need my license ASAP!! I'm thinking about cramming the handbook and taking the tests on next Tuesday, and that's stretching it. I have been taking a lot of hands-on-the-wheel practice. You know, driving to Walmart for milk, or driving my mom to run errands. And also I've been doing that in a car with manual transmission, which slowed me down, but I now master. (Actually I stalled it today while pulling into the garage, but I'm ignoring this incident).

So wish me luck!

PS. I miss my laptop so much!! :[ I will hopefully get it back tomorrow, though :]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Banner!

Check out my new banner! I made it in MS Paint, using a picture that I took for a contest at Doe Deere Blogazine, which at the end I was too late to enter :[ Anyways! My laptop is currently in the hospital getting 2 GB of RAM transplanted, so I'm using my dad's mini laptop. Check it out!:

See how it's almost as small as my mouse pad? Cute!

It's so tiny and cute! The thing I like the most is that it has a webcam and that it is so tiny and light that it can be taken anywhere. But it's just temporary, though.

...Oh, I wandered off again. Basically I meant to say that I had to do the banner in Pain because my laptop, which has Photoshop, is in the computer repair shop-thingy. It will probably be there until Monday, so I had no choice other than to wait; and I didn't want to wait.

Also, I have a cold! Yay! Not really :[ On Thursday afternoon, my mom and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some urgent stuff. When we got out, it was raining a little. I said: "This is so nice! I love the rain!". In the couple of yards to our car, the rain got super heavy, and we ended up all wet. I drove home, which was actually the first time I drove in the rain :], and when we got home I changed clothes and proceeded as normally. The next morning I woke up with cold symptoms. And today, I'm basically a mucous mess.

I've been drinking tons of lemonade, which means tons of trips to the bathroom. And I don't like taking medicine, so I'll just have to rest the cold out of my system. This will be fun :]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New blog name, new start.

I decided to change the name of my blog to "Heart Shaped Pillow". Why? Well, the story is probably not exhilarating, but here it goes: I decided to start a new Blogger account, for an unknown reason. You know, one of those days you wake up and say to yourself: "Today I shall make a new Blogger account!". So I did. I also started a braces blog! Check it out if you want!! And I also started another blog about my parents dysfunctional marriage, which I have yet to post anything on. This may not make a lot of sense since I abandoned my pretty blog for about six months, and now I'm supposed to keep up with three? Let's see how that goes...

... Oh, yeah! I kinda wandered off. So after I made the braces blog and the one about my dysfunctional parents, I decided to import my old blog. But what? I first needed a new blog URL. I tried a few things, like:,, or, which were all taken (or were just too ridiculus). So I sat here in my desk, waiting for enlightenment, when I looked over to my right; and saw this:

A HEART SHAPED PILLOW!! I thought it was great, it wasn't taken, it didn't have a sexual connotation: SOLD!... (Figuratively talking, since it's free...).

So that's how I came up with the name. I told you it wasn't exciting or anything. But that's exactly how it happened :]

So if you keep reading my blog, thank you! If you just bumped into it, stay!! And I will have more updates soon :]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Girl With the Hello Kitty Scar: Part II

Today I took a picture of the Hello Kitty in my arm. It's in "scab form" now. I plan on leaving it like this for a couple of days and then peeling it off, so it leaves a deeper mark.

Do you like it?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Fact About Myself #2

I don't have a cell phone.

And I don't really want one either. First of all, I don't have anyone to call. Second of all, I'm never really by myself; so I rely on whoever is with me if I need to make a call. Which comes back to the first point, I don't have anyone to call.

If I were to get a cell phone, I'll probably want something cute. Something like this:
But they're only available in Japan...

Also, if I had a cellphone, I would probably get one of these:

What is it? It's a bed, for your cell phone!! ^-^ In my opinion, it is as unnecessary as it is cute. I read you can also use it with your iPod, or in my case, my Sansa Fuze. See the little slippers? They are screen cleaners. How cool is that?!!!

Also, in another topic. Remember I told you I was watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve because I wanted to see the Jonas Brothers and Demi and Taylor? Well, apparently I was on the wrong Channel... How lame is that??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Before I went to bed, I wanted to wish you a very happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing night. I did. My mom made vegetarian lasagna, and we drank wine. Then we watched "Oliver!", it ended about 30 minutes before 12 AM; so I went upstairs to my room because my mom was already fast asleep and my dad was sleepy.

I watched David Cook at the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve; but I pretty much only wanted to see the Jonas Brothers, which I obviously missed. I saw the countdown and kissed Pepino when the ball dropped. Then I ate a Jolly Rancher hard candy, because I heard that in order to have good news all year, the first thing you eat should be sweet; so I hope that works.

Right now I'm just sipping my wine and watching Frasier. I have a little Christmas story I want to tell you, but I'll do that later today; the wine is making me sleepy.

This year I wish you health, love, success, happiness, and whatever it is that you most want.