Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Fact About Myself #2

I don't have a cell phone.

And I don't really want one either. First of all, I don't have anyone to call. Second of all, I'm never really by myself; so I rely on whoever is with me if I need to make a call. Which comes back to the first point, I don't have anyone to call.

If I were to get a cell phone, I'll probably want something cute. Something like this:
But they're only available in Japan...

Also, if I had a cellphone, I would probably get one of these:

What is it? It's a bed, for your cell phone!! ^-^ In my opinion, it is as unnecessary as it is cute. I read you can also use it with your iPod, or in my case, my Sansa Fuze. See the little slippers? They are screen cleaners. How cool is that?!!!

Also, in another topic. Remember I told you I was watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve because I wanted to see the Jonas Brothers and Demi and Taylor? Well, apparently I was on the wrong Channel... How lame is that??


  1. HI !
    Sorry I was not know when to send you the Domokun Patterns
    so I write here and in Flickr mail the links ^-^

    =^-^= kisses TAUBE

  2. I have seen those bed things. They were at a store at the mall called Diaso Japan.THat sucks that you were on the wrong channel.