Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

According to my birth certificate, 19 years ago I was born.

I really don't like birthdays. I feel awkward being congratulated and asked: "What does it feel like to be 19?". It doesn't feel different. I will feel awkward when later on I have to say my age and I hesitate in a mental battle that goes something like:
-I'm 18, I mean 19, I mean, yeah 19...

Also I feel like I have to be the center of attention the entire day, and that I need to act entertaining for everyone. I also feel awkward opening gifts. What if I don't like it? I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling, I wanna be thankful. What if it's cash? I like cash, yet it's not something that will take my breath away. What if I don't get anything? Well that would suck, yet it would be great at the same time.

I also feel like I need to have a smile fixed on my face the entire day. My face hurts when I smile for too long. Even if it is genuine. If it's not genuine, my face trembles.

But yet here I am: "Another year older, but none the wiser". I'm just glad I'm healthy, and with my family. That's enough to make me happy. Happy birthday, to me :]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random Fact About Myself #3

I like to drink coffee in a big coffee mug.

I love to drink coffee every morning. And sometimes even in the afternoon while my mom and I watch a Mexican gossip show. And I always drink it in one of the big red cups we have, while my mom drinks it in a skimpy white cup.

I cannot explain why I don't like small cups, I just don't. I feel that coffee tastes better in my big red cup :]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Fingernails: Glittery Pink Candy

Aren't they pretty? I know!! Here's what I used:

nail growth treatment-green
Step 1- Apply a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition (around $7 at Target). Wait for your fingernails to absorb it completely.

nail polish-pink nail polish-love
Step 2- Apply a coat of Pure Ice in "Love" ($2 at Walmart). What a pretty name! Wait for it to dry completely. Apply another coat, and wait for it to dry as well.

spit fire-glitter nail polish
Step 3- Add a thin layer of Pure Ice in "Spit Fire" ($2 at Walmart), and wait for it to dry. Add a second and third coat. Wait for it to dry.

nailgrowth miracle-nail treatment
Step 4- Apply a protective top coat. I'm using Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle (around $7 at Target) only because it already got tacky and I didn't have anything else in hand. Also I didn't want to skip this step because when the glittery nail polish dries, it's rough to the touch (you can feel the glitter) and that drives me nuts. And this added a nice smooth layer.

And that's it! Really simple and really cute :]

Click on the picture to see the full size (1024x768). The glittery one looks pretty cool :]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Kitty + Target = ♥

I apparently have some weird addiction to Hello Kitty, and the one dollar section at Target. So when Target decides to put Hello Kitty stuff in the one dollar section, it's just too perfect. I've only seen them put Hello Kitty stuff in that section twice. And both times I've bought some things.

The first time, which was maybe like a year ago, I bought:
-A five color pen.
-A vinyl wallet
-Two key chains
-A set of two headbands. Only one had a Hello Kitty in it, though. Which I broke, but it was nothing a little super glue couldn't fix :]
And two other things for my little cousin (I think it was another 5 color pen and a set of two painting thingies, and she gave me one)

And on my last Hello Kitty haul, I bought:
-Three little spiral notebooks
-A magnet list pad
-Two key chains (which are hollow, rather than completely out of plastic like the previous ones)
-A necklace and bracelet set

And I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff from the school supplies section:
-One pencil case
-A set of two mechanical pencils

They also had pencil sets at the dollar section, which I almost bought, but I controlled myself. I don't really use pencils anyways.

So this is my Target Hello Kitty haul. I think I should stop spending money, and save up for my car. Definitely :]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome back, baby.

I just got my laptop back! Yay! I'm so happy! It looks huge!! I'm not even kidding. Even though its a small (14 inch screen) laptop, using the HP mini (10.2 inch screen) for the last couple of days totally messed up my perception.

I got this laptop from my dad, and it only had 512MB of RAM, with Vista. Those are two things that should not be paired. So I finally decided to take it to a tech and add 2 GB of RAM to it. It runs so much faster now! I will be able to use Photoshop more easily, and watch movies, and other good stuff.

But I am going to miss the webcam of the HP mini. That was so much fun :[

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need my driver's license.

I got my driving permit a couple of days after my 18th birthday. Almost one year later, I still don't have my driver's license. This is pathetic!! I admit it! And the worst thing is that I needed to get my license before going back to school, because my brother (who was my chauffeur [jk, jk]) is going to another school from now on. And I, like the good procrastinator I am, have waited until the last moment to sit down and study.

I have fourteen days until school starts, and I need my license ASAP!! I'm thinking about cramming the handbook and taking the tests on next Tuesday, and that's stretching it. I have been taking a lot of hands-on-the-wheel practice. You know, driving to Walmart for milk, or driving my mom to run errands. And also I've been doing that in a car with manual transmission, which slowed me down, but I now master. (Actually I stalled it today while pulling into the garage, but I'm ignoring this incident).

So wish me luck!

PS. I miss my laptop so much!! :[ I will hopefully get it back tomorrow, though :]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Banner!

Check out my new banner! I made it in MS Paint, using a picture that I took for a contest at Doe Deere Blogazine, which at the end I was too late to enter :[ Anyways! My laptop is currently in the hospital getting 2 GB of RAM transplanted, so I'm using my dad's mini laptop. Check it out!:

See how it's almost as small as my mouse pad? Cute!

It's so tiny and cute! The thing I like the most is that it has a webcam and that it is so tiny and light that it can be taken anywhere. But it's just temporary, though.

...Oh, I wandered off again. Basically I meant to say that I had to do the banner in Pain because my laptop, which has Photoshop, is in the computer repair shop-thingy. It will probably be there until Monday, so I had no choice other than to wait; and I didn't want to wait.

Also, I have a cold! Yay! Not really :[ On Thursday afternoon, my mom and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some urgent stuff. When we got out, it was raining a little. I said: "This is so nice! I love the rain!". In the couple of yards to our car, the rain got super heavy, and we ended up all wet. I drove home, which was actually the first time I drove in the rain :], and when we got home I changed clothes and proceeded as normally. The next morning I woke up with cold symptoms. And today, I'm basically a mucous mess.

I've been drinking tons of lemonade, which means tons of trips to the bathroom. And I don't like taking medicine, so I'll just have to rest the cold out of my system. This will be fun :]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New blog name, new start.

I decided to change the name of my blog to "Heart Shaped Pillow". Why? Well, the story is probably not exhilarating, but here it goes: I decided to start a new Blogger account, for an unknown reason. You know, one of those days you wake up and say to yourself: "Today I shall make a new Blogger account!". So I did. I also started a braces blog! Check it out if you want!! And I also started another blog about my parents dysfunctional marriage, which I have yet to post anything on. This may not make a lot of sense since I abandoned my pretty blog for about six months, and now I'm supposed to keep up with three? Let's see how that goes...

... Oh, yeah! I kinda wandered off. So after I made the braces blog and the one about my dysfunctional parents, I decided to import my old blog. But what? I first needed a new blog URL. I tried a few things, like:,, or, which were all taken (or were just too ridiculus). So I sat here in my desk, waiting for enlightenment, when I looked over to my right; and saw this:

A HEART SHAPED PILLOW!! I thought it was great, it wasn't taken, it didn't have a sexual connotation: SOLD!... (Figuratively talking, since it's free...).

So that's how I came up with the name. I told you it wasn't exciting or anything. But that's exactly how it happened :]

So if you keep reading my blog, thank you! If you just bumped into it, stay!! And I will have more updates soon :]