Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rocking on Christmas Day!!

Sorry I posted about my Christmas until today, but it's just been busy. I hope you had an amazing day and got all the gifts you wanted. I spent the day at my grandma's house. One of my cousins got Rock Band for the Wii, so he brought with him to my grandma's and all the cousins were using it. I played on easy mode, and I did awesome on the guitar; decent on the drums; and pretty much failed on the mic (although I did rock out with "Dirty Little Secret" by the All American Rejects!!)

Christmas day was really fun for me, and I hope it was awesome for you too. It's almost New Year, I cannot believe how fast this year went by; and I can't wait to find out what the next year will bring.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Christmas Eve

I hope you had an amazing Christmas Eve!!! This year I spent it only with my mom and dad, because my brother is in Mexico. My aunt invited us three to her house (she lives around the corner), but we decided to stay in and have a quiet and peaceful night. Before dinner, my dad and my mom told me stories about their childhood Christmases. I loved that they shared that with me, and it was fun to listen.
My mom was going to cook lasagna (vegetarian for me, yum!), but in the end we ate Chinese food, which I love. My dad let me drink beer, and after dinner, we put on our pajamas and we watched TV in their room. My uncle stopped by to pick up my cousin's new bicycle. They were hiding the bicycle in our garage for a couple of weeks, so that my cousin wouldn't see it; he is 10 years-old and still believes in Santa Claus.
I'm a very calm and quiet person, so this day was perfect for me, but tomorrow we're driving over to my grandma's. I'm happy to see all my uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandma; and every year we have tons of fun. I'm a bit fuzzy about seeing my cousin Sofia. She stayed over at my house, and apparently she doesn't know how to behave and I don't have any patience. So I kept on scolding her, maybe she told my uncle that I was mean to her; and that will cause commotion.

Right now I'm trying to figure out what to wear, I feel like I have nothing :[

Tomorrow I'm going to give my mom her Christmas gift. I got her a makeup brush (she has a horrible one), and a gift card to one of her favorite stores; that way she can get something she truly likes. And, I'm giving her my brother's gift, which she doesn't know about. He gave it to me the day he left, and told me to keep it a secret until the 25th. For the past days she's been like: "Your brother didn't even give me a gift, how mean...", so I can't wait to see her face when she knows about it :]

It is 11:30 now and "Sex and the City" is about to start, and I'll probably watch it tucked under the covers, I need to wake up early tomorrow to pick out an outfit, do my hair, makeup, and open gifts.


Friday, December 19, 2008

And the winner is...

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I was thinking of getting a new MP3 player. I made up my mind and I ordered the Sandisk Sansa 8GB. I got it on December 17, a day earlier than expected; which made me happy. It really is a great player. I went to the Sandisk website and downloaded the firmware update and then I transferred my music to the device. I'm very happy with it, it works really well!!
Along with the player came a set of headphones, which I didn't even open. Also a cable to connect to the computer, and a little case to keep the player safe. Basic instructions, Rhapsody installation CD (I didn't even use it), and some more papers.
The videos do play in really good quality, I downloaded the Taylor Swift "Love Story" video, and it looks lovely.
A thing that freaked me out a bit was that it froze on me once. No big deal really, I just had to hold the power button for a little while. But I still love it! And one more thing, the player actually looks way better in real life that in the picture. I would show you guys a picture of it, but my brother took the camera with him...

I'm witting this so late because my cousin is staying over in my house and I didn't have time all day to sit and type in the computer. Right now she is sleeping in my bed, and I'm sitting in the carpet watching "Friends". My other baby cousin came the other day and she brought with her a goodie bag she got at daycare, and she forgot it here when she left. It had some chocolate kisses, a Rice Krispie Treat, and a Hannah Montana doll. I ate all the candy... Oh well, maybe she won't notice :]


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you..."

Today my brother left and went on a trip to Mexico to see his girlfriend. I'm happy for him and I know he'll have tons of fun, but we're going to miss him a lot. It just makes me think that we are growing up fast (or at least he is), even though he is only 19. The fact that he will not be spending Christmas and New Year with us is kind of a sign of it. But anyways, him leaving reminded me of one of my favorite songs: "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne.

I think at this time he is still in the bus, but I hope that he is doing good. :]

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute Stuff on Top of My TV

I keep a lot of cute stuff on top of my TV. Here's a picture so you can know what I'm talking about.

Starting from the left:

♥ Cute dog: I got it a long time ago at some department store (I think it was Mervyn's).
♥ Giraffe: My cousin Sofia gave it to me about a year and a half ago.
♥ Hello Kitty head in the back: My cousin Valeria gave it to me last New Year’s Eve. I think she got it with a Happy Meal. It's the one with the body of a bee ^-^
♥ Pink Sanrio Character: I think it is called My Melody. My cousin Sofia gave it to me a couple of months ago. I think she got it in a Happy Meal in Mexico.
♥ Red turtle: My friend gave it to me as a gift from when she went to a trip in Mexico. It has a wobbly head ^-^
♥ Rubber ducky: A friend gave it to me last valentine day. It has a little heart in the top hat.
♥ Green Meepit plushie: I bought it at Limited Too. I would have preferred pink, but they only had them in that color. The crown/tiara was from another cat plushie that I got for Christmas years ago.
♥ Giant M&M: I bought it at Wal-Mart. My intention was to use it to keep coins in it and put it in my purse. But it is terribly hard to open, especially for a girl with short fingernails. But still, it is so freakin' adorable ^-^.
♥ Uni: My mom gave it to me when I graduated from high school. What can I say? I love Neopets ^-^
♥ Crocodile: I bought it at Target at the $1 section. It is so freakin' cute and I named it Kevin ^-^
♥Rubber gummy animals: I got them for a quarter each at a machine at Cici's Pizza buffet. From left to right: pig, bear, pig, and monkey. The monkey was given to me by a girl in my piano class in high school, but she probably got it from the same place I did.

So that's about it. I really love anything cute ^-^

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Holidays! Yay!! Things I've Bought!

Today I had my last final at school. It was more like a final group project. I'm so happy that this semester is over, but at the same time, I'm going to miss my professors :[ I'm still at school because my brother is still in class taking his finals, and he is my chauffeur. Ok not really, if he would read this, I would have to forget about him driving me to school, LOL! But it is alright, I figured that as long as I have a computer with Internet, I'm happy :] And I'm actually using a Mac right now, Aww they're so pretty! I'm using it with XP because I have never used Mac OS before. I'm so relieved that classes are over, now I can dedicate more time to my blog.

I've been buying a lot of stuff lately, which I feel a bit guilty for :[ Here's what I've got:

A new coat! I've never had one, and this is so pretty. It is Guess (not that I care about name brands) and it was at a good price. I'm actually wearing it right now and it is so comfy and warm. It looks like this, but it is black (I couldn't find a picture of it):
A new flat iron! My old one works just fine, but I've read that this one works just as well as the CHI, but is half the price. I've seen them before at Sally's, but I thought that because they're generic, they wouldn't work. Turns out they are amazing! They used to have really cute designs before: cherries, stars, etc. Now they only have snakeskin prints. I really like mine; it is hot pink, almost neon. It does work very well; I especially love how it curls my hair. It makes it look so natural, something that curling irons never did for me. And obviously, it straightens hair very well, too.
A new desk! It arrived on December 3, as planned. I absolutely love it! It was so easy to assemble. I only needed my dad's help to bring the box upstairs to my room, because it was very heavy. My dad offered to help with the assembly, but I ended up doing it myself. It was super easy, I just needed to screw in the legs, and the little drawer knobs. I love how it looks in my room!!

So those are the things I've bought lately that where relatively expensive. But it seems like I'm not stopping there. I want a new MP3 player. I’m not falling for the whole iPod trend; I think they're overpriced and way too delicate. I have looked in four different online stores and I’ve narrowed down my choices to three. The SanDisk Sansa 4GB Fuze, in pink obviously:
The Creative Zen Mozaic 4GB, in black:
And the SanDisk Sansa 8GB Fuze, in silver (mainly because there is no other choice of color):

So that's about it. It is a very long post, but I just wanted to share all of this with you. Thanks for reading.


Friday, December 5, 2008

My first vegetarian anniversary.

Today, it's been a year since I became a vegetarian. I'm proud of myself. I'm glad I could make it this far, and hopefully I can stay like this for many years to come.

I remember when I started and a week passed, and I was so excited, but I wondered if I could make it to a year. And here I am today, I haven't eaten anything that once had a face :]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally, it's done...

I know I kind of promised pictures of my clean room like two weeks ago (I'm sorry, but I tend to procrastinate...). But here they are:

So that's my clean room. As you can see I'm currently using my nightstand as a mini desk. But not to worry, this will be temporary, because I already ordered the desk I talked about in the other post. Which looks like this:

Well, technically it's not a desk, its a console table. But I chose this one because the desk of the same line was too big and the drawer was for a keyboard (apparently designed for desktops), and I have a laptop, so it wouldn't be ergonomic. It should arrive December 3, I can't wait :]

Oh, and since it was Black Friday, my parents bought a new TV. I'm so happy for them. I hated their old TV, and it was big, bulky and old; they bought it around the time my brother was born, and he is 19 now. So they already set it up and it looks great. My brother took his PS2 over to my parent's room to play a game.

Also, some relatives came over to visit, and they're staying in my house. It's fine, but it's weird having people sleep in your house when you haven't seen them in years.

And that's about all I have to say, LOL! :]

Have a great day,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Day. I hope you have a great day, eat a lot, and enjoy with your family and friends. As for me, I'll continue eating as much pecan pie as I can, I love it! ^-^


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Fact About Myself #1

I love quoting lines from the "Sex and the City" series. "I love it, it's my thing, let it go." See? That is from episode 17 in season 6, "The Cold War". That's what Miranda says to Steve and Charlotte when they ask her why she likes the gossip magazine "Tattle Tale". You'll be surprised how easily I can remember these lines, yet I have a hard time remembering phone numbers and delivering phone messages.

I own all the "Sex and the City" seasons and I see them every time I have a chance. I also catch the re-runs on a local channel at night (and even at midday when I don't go to school), so I'm very familiar with all they have said. I love bringing up witty quotes to conversations. People are like: "Ummm ok..." But it is totally fun for me.

Do you quote lines from your favorite TV shows too?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Max really hates baths...

Also, today Max took a bath. And he hates baths. When he sees me and my brother getting all his bath stuff ready (shampoo, conditioner, brush, blow dryer, towel, etc), he runs and hides under the bed. He usually hides under my brother's bed, but his door was closed, so Max hid under my bed.
I thought he looked cute because his nose was sticking out, LOL. But he got his bath anyway, and he now smells great; and he is all fluffed up!! I'll probably post pics of him tomorrow, along with pics of my room ^-^


Now I have nowhere to sleep :[

Yes, like the title says, but maybe not as bad as it sounds. Today I decided to move my room's furniture around. As weird as it sounds, this is one of my favorite hobbies; and I do it once or twice every two months. Sometimes, when I like my room just fine, I go over to my brother’s room and move his furniture around; I also clean around, so he doesn't really mind. Back to me:
I figured that this is the only way to give my room a new look, without spending a penny. Usually I finish within a day, but today I took longer because "Liar Liar" was on TV, and it distracted me from my chore. Apparently, I can't watch a movie and clean at the same time...
So now, my laptop's in the carpet and my bed is up laying against the wall. I can't put it down because I have all my shit laying around. So tonight I'll probably have to put my comforter on the carpet and sleep there...

Here are some pictures of what my room looks like right now, and hopefully tomorrow I will post pictures of how it looks when it's done:

Yes, pretty chaotic, but trust me, it will look awesome tomorrow!!

And I have an eye for a small desk I saw at Target.com, because I am currently using my dresser as a desk (not good). And even though I'm paying for the desk, I still need my mom's approval... so we'll see ^-^ I really like it though!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Love!!

Today has been a very stressing and busy day for me, but I still wanted to take a bit of time to say "Happy Birthday!!" to my favorite Jonas, Kevin. Yeah, yeah... he has a girlfriend, but I can't help to day dream about him... or sight every time I see a video or picture of him, he is very cute!!So, that's pretty much it.

Drastically changing the subject, I wish I would just crawl up and disappear... and reappear again on Friday. It sounds crazy, but tomorrow will be a horrible day: I have a math test (which I really haven't studied for), two presentations (one doesn't really bother me, but the other one I dread more than you can imagine). And yes, you can know understand that I hate public speaking. I'm a writer, not a talker!! When I had to take a speech class in high school, I ditched for a whole week. I really hated the class. But now that I'm in college I can't ditch, I can't have absences, I really don't want to run the risk of loosing my aid. So I guess I'll have to be a woman and stand up to do what I have to do.

Oh man, just thinking about it makes my stomach flip... Wish me luck!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Crazy Morning!!

Today was one of the strangest mornings I’ve had. I set my alarm at 6:30 in the morning, on both my TV and my alarm clock in my night table (…yes, I need two alarms). The problem was that my TV changes the time a week before it should (for the daylight saving, or whatever it’s called). So my alarm clock in my night table had the right time, and it went off. I was still sleepy and somehow… I have no idea how I came out with the thought that the time changes had been the day before. What is so lame is that in my mind I thought that it was Monday, but I never wake up early on Mondays because I don’t have school. Anyways… I turned on my TV and looked at the time and I was like: “Oh haha I was right, it’s barely 5:30. I still have one more hour to sleep. La la la”. So I synchronized the alarm clock with the TV clock and I went back to sleep. At about 7:25 (I was thinking 6:25), my dad knocks on my door and he says, “Are you gonna go to school?”, and I’m like “Yeah”, still thinking I had a couple more minutes. But then I kinda realized that it was a Tuesday, and that my dad never wakes me up because I wake up before he does… And here comes the panic. I got off of the bed and turned the TV and changed to a channel that had a time in it. And yes, indeed it was 7:30. I had 30 minutes to shower, do my hair, makeup, have breakfast and leave for school. Surprisingly, I had time to do all of it, except for the makeup, which I had to do after my first class when I had a small break.

So it was an awkward and strange morning, and I did not tell anyone in my family because I don’t want to seem crazy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where's my cake?!!

My brother bought a game called "Portal" the other day we went to Target. I'm not really into video or computer games, because I'm not very good even if I try. But today my brother brought his laptop downstairs to my mom's room, so she could play. It was funny because my mom had never played a computer game before, so it was funny to see her play. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom and I would never make fun of her in an insulting way... but this was funny to see. After my mom gave up and decided she wanted to watch a TV show instead, my brother insisted that I played the game for a while. I did, and I must say that it is frustrating for me to play, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

So I ended up playing the game for a couple of hours, I even missed the "What the Buck" live show. The game was cool, sometimes it was hard, but my brother was guiding me along, which made it way easier. I got attached to the companion cube way to fast, and I later was traumatized by the thought that I had to euthanize it. Also, I was promised a cake at the end of level 19, but it turned out to be a lie. A LIE!!! So after that, I ended up I guess playing the actual game; which was a million times more complicated. I got frustrated and so did my brother, so I just told him that I didn't want to play anymore.

It is a fun game, but I don't think I'll play again... And I'll probably have a couple of nightmares with that computer voice, it turned really freaky after it promised me cake, and then tried to burn me alive, and then promised me a party...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watermelon Nights Will Be Here! So Sing Along!!

There was this weird plant growing on the side of my house. My dad thought it was a weed, but my mom and I thought it was cute because it was climbing on the wall and holding itself with these tiny cute-plant-like strands. So today my mom went out to look at the plant, and she found something... Guess what?! A watermelon!! ...well, actually there are three watermelons. They are small, but we are hoping for them to grow. My mom is a plant freak, she'll probably spend a ton of time watering and grooming the watermelon plant now...

And I found this video on YouTube and I thought it was so cute. So enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite Magazine... EVER!!!

I really enjoy magazines, especially girly ones. Sometimes I'll go to Wal-Mart or Target and I'll flip through Popstar, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, even Vogue. But the only magazine I actually buy is called 15 a 20. I can actually say that I'm a collector of the magazine, because I've been buying it every month for a couple of years now. The thing is, it can only be found in Mexico. I really like this magazine in particular because it talks about a little of everything; celebrities, fashion, health, exercise, make up, and it has very fun articles. The covers are usually unknown Mexican models (girls), and occasionally celebrities. They rarely put boys on the cover, but I really wanted a Jonas Brothers cover. So I was determined to send a message to the magazine's Myspace, requesting the cover. I went to their profile, and the first thing I saw was the display image. It was the cover of October's magazine, and to my surprise, it had Nick, Joe, and Kevin looking amazing on it. I would have screamed, but it was about 11:30 PM, and I didn't want to wake up anybody. I totally left a comment on the picture, and I was counting the seconds till I could go buy it. All this was on Friday, September 26.

I live in a city bordering Mexico, so it's really no hassle going to buy it and come back. Don't think it is a 10 hour trip, I would not do so much as that only for a magazine. And every time we go, we also go visit my grandma and my cousin. So on Saturday, October 4th, we were all dressed up and on the car, ready to go. But my mother wanted to go to the Interceramic sale, and decided to buy 700 ft square of floor tile, therefore cancelling our little trip to Mexico. And I wasn't upset at all, the whole buying-new-floor situation was exiting, and I still had a month to get the magazine, so why worry?

So we postponed the trip until Monday, October 6th. I went and bought the magazine, and I fliped right over to the JB interview. I sort of skimed it and then I saw the poster that came in the magazine. It is adorable!! When I got home, I put it on my wall imediately. I'm not one of putting posters of guys up in my room, but these aren't just any guys, these are the Jonas Brothers.

Now, I as I write this, I can look over at my wall, and I can see my three favorite boys: Kevin, Joe, and Nick.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm a big fat procrastinator!!!

I have recently discovered that I procrastinate a lot. And I must admit that I am not happy about it. I go all day long just goofing around, and then I suddenly realize that it is dark outside, and that I didn't do anything at all that day. ALL DAY!! When I could have done my homework, read over my class notes, bake some cookies or cupcakes for my family, walk my dog, clean my room, read a book, watch my Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato DVDs... but I just don't seem to get to it. It is frustrating, but I really can't help it...

For example, right now I should be writing my English essay (which is a very messy rough draft as of right now...), writing a journal for another class, and getting into bed early. I only have classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I had four days to do all the mentioned before, and I didn't do anything. It is embarrassing to tell you this, but it is the truth, and it is all about being sincere here.

So, I need to make major changes in my behavior, because like this, I won't get anywhere in life. Well, I'm going to stop writing this post and try and do a bit of my homework. Maybe it would be better if I told my mother about my procrastination issues, because she would be happy to end my suffering by slicing my throat.


Demi Lovato's New Album: "Don't Forget"

I became a fan of Demi Lovato when I saw the movie "Camp Rock". She is such a pretty girl and what I like the most about her are her amazing teeth, fixing her gap made a huge difference. But yes, she can act and she is an incredible singer as well. Also, as you may all know, Demi makes YouTube videos with her BFF Selena Gomez, another Disney star. I obviously subscribed to her videos, like the true fan I am.

Ok, back to the real deal. Her album came out on September 23, 2008, but I bought it the next day because I didn't have a ride that day. On the 24th, my mom drove me to Target where I bought the 2 disc edition. When I got home, I rushed to watch the Micheal Buckley's live show, so I did not hear the album until a couple hours after. Demi looks so beautiful on the cover and on the picture's on the little lyric booklet. I inserted the disc in my laptop and placed the headphones over my ears. I heard the whole disc from beginning to end, while I read the lyrics. When it ended, I was really satisfied. The songs are more rock than pop, but yet it has a fun side to it. Some are upbeat and others are more like ballads. I'd already heard "Get Back" which is obviously one of my favorites. I also liked "Don't Forget" a lot! It is such a beautiful song, and it kinda makes me tear up. "La La Land" I hadn't heard before, and it is probably the song that is stuck in my head right now. And another favorite is "On The Line", which is a duet with the Jonas Brothers. I'm also a huge fan of them, so I thought the song was amazing! They (the Jonas Brothers) co-produced six of the songs in the disc, and you can actually hear them as background vocals or playing guitar or drums.

So overall, I loved the CD, it was really worth my money, it is really an amazing piece. I haven't watched the DVD yet, but I will probably do that later today (it's 2:14 AM as I type), and I'll get back to you with my thoughts... LOL, did you caught my little pun? I'm such a dork...