Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally, it's done...

I know I kind of promised pictures of my clean room like two weeks ago (I'm sorry, but I tend to procrastinate...). But here they are:

So that's my clean room. As you can see I'm currently using my nightstand as a mini desk. But not to worry, this will be temporary, because I already ordered the desk I talked about in the other post. Which looks like this:

Well, technically it's not a desk, its a console table. But I chose this one because the desk of the same line was too big and the drawer was for a keyboard (apparently designed for desktops), and I have a laptop, so it wouldn't be ergonomic. It should arrive December 3, I can't wait :]

Oh, and since it was Black Friday, my parents bought a new TV. I'm so happy for them. I hated their old TV, and it was big, bulky and old; they bought it around the time my brother was born, and he is 19 now. So they already set it up and it looks great. My brother took his PS2 over to my parent's room to play a game.

Also, some relatives came over to visit, and they're staying in my house. It's fine, but it's weird having people sleep in your house when you haven't seen them in years.

And that's about all I have to say, LOL! :]

Have a great day,

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