Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now I have nowhere to sleep :[

Yes, like the title says, but maybe not as bad as it sounds. Today I decided to move my room's furniture around. As weird as it sounds, this is one of my favorite hobbies; and I do it once or twice every two months. Sometimes, when I like my room just fine, I go over to my brother’s room and move his furniture around; I also clean around, so he doesn't really mind. Back to me:
I figured that this is the only way to give my room a new look, without spending a penny. Usually I finish within a day, but today I took longer because "Liar Liar" was on TV, and it distracted me from my chore. Apparently, I can't watch a movie and clean at the same time...
So now, my laptop's in the carpet and my bed is up laying against the wall. I can't put it down because I have all my shit laying around. So tonight I'll probably have to put my comforter on the carpet and sleep there...

Here are some pictures of what my room looks like right now, and hopefully tomorrow I will post pictures of how it looks when it's done:

Yes, pretty chaotic, but trust me, it will look awesome tomorrow!!

And I have an eye for a small desk I saw at, because I am currently using my dresser as a desk (not good). And even though I'm paying for the desk, I still need my mom's approval... so we'll see ^-^ I really like it though!!

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