Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite Magazine... EVER!!!

I really enjoy magazines, especially girly ones. Sometimes I'll go to Wal-Mart or Target and I'll flip through Popstar, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, even Vogue. But the only magazine I actually buy is called 15 a 20. I can actually say that I'm a collector of the magazine, because I've been buying it every month for a couple of years now. The thing is, it can only be found in Mexico. I really like this magazine in particular because it talks about a little of everything; celebrities, fashion, health, exercise, make up, and it has very fun articles. The covers are usually unknown Mexican models (girls), and occasionally celebrities. They rarely put boys on the cover, but I really wanted a Jonas Brothers cover. So I was determined to send a message to the magazine's Myspace, requesting the cover. I went to their profile, and the first thing I saw was the display image. It was the cover of October's magazine, and to my surprise, it had Nick, Joe, and Kevin looking amazing on it. I would have screamed, but it was about 11:30 PM, and I didn't want to wake up anybody. I totally left a comment on the picture, and I was counting the seconds till I could go buy it. All this was on Friday, September 26.

I live in a city bordering Mexico, so it's really no hassle going to buy it and come back. Don't think it is a 10 hour trip, I would not do so much as that only for a magazine. And every time we go, we also go visit my grandma and my cousin. So on Saturday, October 4th, we were all dressed up and on the car, ready to go. But my mother wanted to go to the Interceramic sale, and decided to buy 700 ft square of floor tile, therefore cancelling our little trip to Mexico. And I wasn't upset at all, the whole buying-new-floor situation was exiting, and I still had a month to get the magazine, so why worry?

So we postponed the trip until Monday, October 6th. I went and bought the magazine, and I fliped right over to the JB interview. I sort of skimed it and then I saw the poster that came in the magazine. It is adorable!! When I got home, I put it on my wall imediately. I'm not one of putting posters of guys up in my room, but these aren't just any guys, these are the Jonas Brothers.

Now, I as I write this, I can look over at my wall, and I can see my three favorite boys: Kevin, Joe, and Nick.

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