Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm a big fat procrastinator!!!

I have recently discovered that I procrastinate a lot. And I must admit that I am not happy about it. I go all day long just goofing around, and then I suddenly realize that it is dark outside, and that I didn't do anything at all that day. ALL DAY!! When I could have done my homework, read over my class notes, bake some cookies or cupcakes for my family, walk my dog, clean my room, read a book, watch my Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato DVDs... but I just don't seem to get to it. It is frustrating, but I really can't help it...

For example, right now I should be writing my English essay (which is a very messy rough draft as of right now...), writing a journal for another class, and getting into bed early. I only have classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I had four days to do all the mentioned before, and I didn't do anything. It is embarrassing to tell you this, but it is the truth, and it is all about being sincere here.

So, I need to make major changes in my behavior, because like this, I won't get anywhere in life. Well, I'm going to stop writing this post and try and do a bit of my homework. Maybe it would be better if I told my mother about my procrastination issues, because she would be happy to end my suffering by slicing my throat.


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