Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Crazy Morning!!

Today was one of the strangest mornings I’ve had. I set my alarm at 6:30 in the morning, on both my TV and my alarm clock in my night table (…yes, I need two alarms). The problem was that my TV changes the time a week before it should (for the daylight saving, or whatever it’s called). So my alarm clock in my night table had the right time, and it went off. I was still sleepy and somehow… I have no idea how I came out with the thought that the time changes had been the day before. What is so lame is that in my mind I thought that it was Monday, but I never wake up early on Mondays because I don’t have school. Anyways… I turned on my TV and looked at the time and I was like: “Oh haha I was right, it’s barely 5:30. I still have one more hour to sleep. La la la”. So I synchronized the alarm clock with the TV clock and I went back to sleep. At about 7:25 (I was thinking 6:25), my dad knocks on my door and he says, “Are you gonna go to school?”, and I’m like “Yeah”, still thinking I had a couple more minutes. But then I kinda realized that it was a Tuesday, and that my dad never wakes me up because I wake up before he does… And here comes the panic. I got off of the bed and turned the TV and changed to a channel that had a time in it. And yes, indeed it was 7:30. I had 30 minutes to shower, do my hair, makeup, have breakfast and leave for school. Surprisingly, I had time to do all of it, except for the makeup, which I had to do after my first class when I had a small break.

So it was an awkward and strange morning, and I did not tell anyone in my family because I don’t want to seem crazy.

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