Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute Stuff on Top of My TV

I keep a lot of cute stuff on top of my TV. Here's a picture so you can know what I'm talking about.

Starting from the left:

♥ Cute dog: I got it a long time ago at some department store (I think it was Mervyn's).
♥ Giraffe: My cousin Sofia gave it to me about a year and a half ago.
♥ Hello Kitty head in the back: My cousin Valeria gave it to me last New Year’s Eve. I think she got it with a Happy Meal. It's the one with the body of a bee ^-^
♥ Pink Sanrio Character: I think it is called My Melody. My cousin Sofia gave it to me a couple of months ago. I think she got it in a Happy Meal in Mexico.
♥ Red turtle: My friend gave it to me as a gift from when she went to a trip in Mexico. It has a wobbly head ^-^
♥ Rubber ducky: A friend gave it to me last valentine day. It has a little heart in the top hat.
♥ Green Meepit plushie: I bought it at Limited Too. I would have preferred pink, but they only had them in that color. The crown/tiara was from another cat plushie that I got for Christmas years ago.
♥ Giant M&M: I bought it at Wal-Mart. My intention was to use it to keep coins in it and put it in my purse. But it is terribly hard to open, especially for a girl with short fingernails. But still, it is so freakin' adorable ^-^.
♥ Uni: My mom gave it to me when I graduated from high school. What can I say? I love Neopets ^-^
♥ Crocodile: I bought it at Target at the $1 section. It is so freakin' cute and I named it Kevin ^-^
♥Rubber gummy animals: I got them for a quarter each at a machine at Cici's Pizza buffet. From left to right: pig, bear, pig, and monkey. The monkey was given to me by a girl in my piano class in high school, but she probably got it from the same place I did.

So that's about it. I really love anything cute ^-^

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