Friday, December 19, 2008

And the winner is...

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I was thinking of getting a new MP3 player. I made up my mind and I ordered the Sandisk Sansa 8GB. I got it on December 17, a day earlier than expected; which made me happy. It really is a great player. I went to the Sandisk website and downloaded the firmware update and then I transferred my music to the device. I'm very happy with it, it works really well!!
Along with the player came a set of headphones, which I didn't even open. Also a cable to connect to the computer, and a little case to keep the player safe. Basic instructions, Rhapsody installation CD (I didn't even use it), and some more papers.
The videos do play in really good quality, I downloaded the Taylor Swift "Love Story" video, and it looks lovely.
A thing that freaked me out a bit was that it froze on me once. No big deal really, I just had to hold the power button for a little while. But I still love it! And one more thing, the player actually looks way better in real life that in the picture. I would show you guys a picture of it, but my brother took the camera with him...

I'm witting this so late because my cousin is staying over in my house and I didn't have time all day to sit and type in the computer. Right now she is sleeping in my bed, and I'm sitting in the carpet watching "Friends". My other baby cousin came the other day and she brought with her a goodie bag she got at daycare, and she forgot it here when she left. It had some chocolate kisses, a Rice Krispie Treat, and a Hannah Montana doll. I ate all the candy... Oh well, maybe she won't notice :]


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