Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Kitty + Target = ♥

I apparently have some weird addiction to Hello Kitty, and the one dollar section at Target. So when Target decides to put Hello Kitty stuff in the one dollar section, it's just too perfect. I've only seen them put Hello Kitty stuff in that section twice. And both times I've bought some things.

The first time, which was maybe like a year ago, I bought:
-A five color pen.
-A vinyl wallet
-Two key chains
-A set of two headbands. Only one had a Hello Kitty in it, though. Which I broke, but it was nothing a little super glue couldn't fix :]
And two other things for my little cousin (I think it was another 5 color pen and a set of two painting thingies, and she gave me one)

And on my last Hello Kitty haul, I bought:
-Three little spiral notebooks
-A magnet list pad
-Two key chains (which are hollow, rather than completely out of plastic like the previous ones)
-A necklace and bracelet set

And I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff from the school supplies section:
-One pencil case
-A set of two mechanical pencils

They also had pencil sets at the dollar section, which I almost bought, but I controlled myself. I don't really use pencils anyways.

So this is my Target Hello Kitty haul. I think I should stop spending money, and save up for my car. Definitely :]

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