Thursday, August 6, 2009

New blog name, new start.

I decided to change the name of my blog to "Heart Shaped Pillow". Why? Well, the story is probably not exhilarating, but here it goes: I decided to start a new Blogger account, for an unknown reason. You know, one of those days you wake up and say to yourself: "Today I shall make a new Blogger account!". So I did. I also started a braces blog! Check it out if you want!! And I also started another blog about my parents dysfunctional marriage, which I have yet to post anything on. This may not make a lot of sense since I abandoned my pretty blog for about six months, and now I'm supposed to keep up with three? Let's see how that goes...

... Oh, yeah! I kinda wandered off. So after I made the braces blog and the one about my dysfunctional parents, I decided to import my old blog. But what? I first needed a new blog URL. I tried a few things, like:,, or, which were all taken (or were just too ridiculus). So I sat here in my desk, waiting for enlightenment, when I looked over to my right; and saw this:

A HEART SHAPED PILLOW!! I thought it was great, it wasn't taken, it didn't have a sexual connotation: SOLD!... (Figuratively talking, since it's free...).

So that's how I came up with the name. I told you it wasn't exciting or anything. But that's exactly how it happened :]

So if you keep reading my blog, thank you! If you just bumped into it, stay!! And I will have more updates soon :]

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