Saturday, October 10, 2009

♥Weekly Hearts♥

As promised! Here are this week's hearts (the things I'm loving). Hope you enjoy!

♥My car:
[[photo here coming soon]]
I have yet to tell you that I got a car!! My very first one, in fact. It's a 2003 Hyundai Accent. It is small, 5 speed, and green. It has some details that I will fix over time, but it runs well, and it was in my tight student budget. I just love my little car. It's my new boyfriend! And I named it "Avocado", don't ask why :]

♥My heart shaped glasses:
[[photos coming soon, i promise]]
I've never been a fan of sunglasses, mostly because I have to wear prescription glasses. And I've had to wear them since I was 4, so I have a sort of hatred towards them. But how could I not love my heart shaped glasses? I just love how "Lolita" they are, and how I feel so cool when I drive my avocado wearing them. Ok, hold on a second. I know what you're thinking!: "Don't you need your prescription glasses to drive?!". Well, yes I do. I wear my prescription glasses most of the time when I drive, but sometimes the sun is in my face and I feel that taking my prescription glasses off and putting on the hearts doesn't hurt :] And it's not like I'm partially blind or anything :]

♥Hello Kitty Band-Aids

I donated blood on Tuesday at my school's blood drive. The guy who took my blood was enormous (I don't mean to be mean, but he really was a big guy). I think people that size shouldn't deal with small veins. It was a painful experience. The first time I donated, the lady had a very good hand and I didn't feel a thing, but this guy was brutal. Basically, I was left with a bruise which made me look like I had been shooting some heroin. So nothing like a cute bandage to cover it up! :]

So these are my weekly hearts, I hope you enjoyed them!!

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  1. those hello kitty band-aids are so cute. :) <3 hello kitty.