Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Diary: Cake is Good

Today I woke up feeling unseasy from a dream I had. It's kind of a recurring dream where I meet this little girl, and then she turns out to be a ghost and she haunts me for a while so I can help her and her family realize she is a ghost. Then she disapears.

Anyways, aside from that weird dream today was a pretty calm day. I woke late as usual, and in the afternoon I made one of my favorite things: mug cake! Except I don't make it in a mug anymore, but in a bowl. It's so delicious and quick and easy! I hadn't had one in a really long time because I feel very guilty about eating something like that when I'm not working out. But it was good :)

My mom made homemade pizza for dinner, and it was delicious. I had been craving pizza for quite a while now, so that made me happy.

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