Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Diary: New Shoes

Today was a very lazy Sunday. Very calm too, which was nice. We had Chinese food, then my mom and I went to some stores just to look around and pass time. I didn't plan on buying anything, but I came across these shoes and I had to get them:
My other pair of black flats I've had for YEARS and I wanted a new pair, but I couln't find a pair that was good quality and cute. These are the same brand as my old ones, and I've learned that they are comfortable and last a very long time. I also got them cheaper than I would have if I bought them at the mall.

We also went to Target, I love Target! I bought some Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Bitten Berry and Wink of Pink, and an angled eyeliner brush from e.l.f. which I absolutely love.

I almost bought salt and vinegar chips, but I controlled myself. After all, I had cake yesterday.

I also bought Avril Lavigne's new album, but I accidentally got the one with extra features so I want to return it and get the regular one. I can watch the DVD extras on YouTube.

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