Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Diary: Spank Scare

This morning my mom and I called a bunch of dentists for information so we can decide where to get my wisdom teeth removed. My aunt's friend has a very good dentist, and I think I'm going to go with him. I really want to get this over with :(

Also, it turns out that my aunt had something kinda serious. My mom called her at noon to see how she was doing, and she was crying and saying that she could barely move because she was in a lot of pain. My mother then offered to take care of the kids while my uncle took my aunt to the doctor.
Then, I went to the grocery store to buy some stuff my mom needed for lunch, and I bought some Red Vines. I usually go for Twizzlers, but I got Red Vines this time because according to Sheldon Cooper, they're much better. And yes, they are pretty good.

We have a rocking chair in the living room, and my little cousin was rocking full speed and she hit the wall kind of hard, and she knows she's not supposed to do that. She stopped cold, and I jokingly said: "To the couch, time for a spanking!". Either I'm not very funny to children, she is very sensible, or she really get's spanked at her home but she kinda took it seriously and got very sad. I felt really bad, I was only kidding! :( I hugged her and told her that I was only kidding, and then my mom gave her a freeze pop. She was okay after that.

Later in the afternoon I watched the MTV Movie Awards online. I liked it it was funny. Robert Pattinson was too funny. I can't get over that.

PS. I ate another bowl cake. Bad Ana.

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