Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Diary: Movie Day

Today I'm feeling better than yesterday, but not quite great yet. I had oatmeal for breakfast, which was super tasty.

I realize I have to eat constantly so I don't go hungry. Since I've been eating liquidy stuff, I can eat a whole bowl and feel full, but then an hour later I'm hungry again. So I'm not really eating at my normal "times" right now, just when I begin to feel hungry.

Today my brother's friend took him to the movies to see "Green Lantern", and then they came back home and played video games all afternoon. She even stayed for dinner. I'm too embarrassed to go out looking like I am, so I just stayed in my room.

I watched "An Education" earlier today, and I really liked the film. I definitely recommend it. Also, I re-watched "Ghost World". I love that movie, it's just amazing :D

I can open my mouth a little more, so I ate an ice cream bar. It was a mint ice cream bar covered in chocolate, and it was delicious. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint with chocolate chips, so this popsicle was heaven in my mouth. I think I'll eat another when I finish this post.

My lip hasn't peeled anymore, but I have a crack on the left corner of my mouth, and it hurts a bit.

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