Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Diary: I'm Miserable

Today I pretty much layed in bed feeling miserable. I'm not in pain, but I'm very hungry and uncomfortable. I've been craving a Burger King veggie burger and fries for days. Oh man...

I took a shower, and that made me feel better, but not entirely. My mom made me carrot soup and some spaghetti with Alfredo sauce. It was so good! I ate it right up. It took me a while with the spaghetti because I can't chew, so I had to cup it up into tiny pieces, gather a small amount in the tip of my fork, place it in my mouth and swallow it whole. But at least I didn't feel so hungry afterwards.

Max is being very cute. He lays at the foot of my bed and just sleeps there, keeping me company. He's really not supposed to be in my room, so my mom keeps taking him away, but somehow he always comes back.

Today is my brother's birthday, he turned 22. That's kind of insane. My mom made him his favorite meal, and a cake, and a flan.

I realized we have some of those plastic ice packs, like the kind you put in your lunchbox, in the freezer, so I've been using those in my face.

Right now I'm eating some mango yogurt. It's good. Also, my lip started peeling. That hurt a little.

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