Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Diary: I'm Sad

This morning I was woken up by my brother tossing a bunch of balloons in my bed, followed by a dog jumping all over me trying to pop all of them.

Today I was feeling kind of down, I really don't know what was wrong with me. Maybe it's hormonal. I even shut my room's door. I rarely do that.

Yesterday my mom's friend called while she was not at home, and she talked to me for a while. It was kind of weird. And today while they were online chatting, she told my mom that I was a "nice and fun person to talk to". That doesn't sound like me :/ And that's exactly what I told my mom, and a lecture about how I don't have any self-esteem followed.

Then I had to drive my mom to Walgreens because she was meeting a lady who was going to give her something for my aunt. Since we we're already there, we decided to go into the drugstore. I looked at the make-up, but didn't like anything. I did pick up some dry shampoo, because the one I have has a very unpleasant smell. Then I bought us some candy. I tried the Milky Way Simply Caramel, it's so delicious. My mom got some Japanese peanuts and some dried mango with a sugary and spicy coating. Also, for some reason the cashier scanned a different bag of candy instead of the ones I was buying so it would come out cheaper. I don't know exactly why he did this, but somehow that unethical transaction cheered me up.

After that we went to a grocery store and we bought some sweet bread and I bought some apple cream that my grandma has and that I love.

Right now I'm going to watch a movie called "Trust". I stumbled upon it somehow, and it looks interesting. I'll see if I like it.

PS. I realized that Christians have issues against Pokemon so I deleted the Jigglypuff e-card from my friend's Facebook wall and posted a different one with a hamster with chubby cheeks instead.

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