Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Diary: Wisdom Teeth Check-Up

Today I had my dentist appointment. It was at 4, so in the mean time, my grandma, mom and I went to Home Depot to buy some stuff my grandma needed. We also went to Walmart.

We went back to my house and I started packing, because my dentist is in another city where my grandma lives. We ate at my house, and I got to clean the huge mess my mom made in the kitchen. When we were going out the door, I realized I forgot my money. Thank God I remembered. Wow, Ana.

We got to the dentist just in time, and they checked my teeth. Turns out I have a couple of cavities, damn. Then I had some X-rays taken, and then I waited for the oral surgeon to come in. She explained how the wisdom teeth surgery was going to be, and all the risks. The main one was that some nerves could be damaged because my wisdom teeth looked as if they were in the nerve canal (or something like that), but that maybe they were behind it, and that the x-ray was misleading. She recommended I do all four at once, and she said that she could do the surgery right then, but that she preferred for me to come back early tomorrow. And that's what I'll do.

We went to my grandma's house, where I haven't been in since December. I saw my cousin Sofia, who I absolutely love and I hadn't seen in like a year. She is so beautiful, she doesn't look like a little girl anymore. Which kinda sucks for me, because now that she is a beautiful teenager she'll probably think it's lame to hang out with her older cousin. But we had fun. We wanted to go get some snacks, but we decided to wait for my uncle (Sofia's dad). When he got to the house, he had come from work, and he said he was tired and he told me to take his car. I'm a little uneasy about using other people's cars, but then my mom and my uncle decided to come with, so I took the keys and enjoyed the ride. It was a nice car. They got some sort of nacho concoction, but I was craving a corn in a cup. It was yummy.

I also got to see my other cousin, Sofia's brother, who lives in my grandma's house. Sofia stayed for the night too, so we all watched some funny YouTube videos. We also went to the part for a little bit. We had fun.

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