Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm the kinda girl who likes to be prepared for everything. That's why I carry a million things in my school bag, even when I know there is like a 5% chance that I'll need it. A girl in high school once referred to my school bag as the "Barney Bag", and I took it a a compliment :]

But sometimes for whatever reason I take something out of my bag, and forget to put it back in there. Sometimes I go on without noticing. Other times I feel like dying without that item, whether it is chapstick or a mirror. Today was one of those days.

There is this really cute boy in my Biology class. He has facial hair, wears Converse, and always says smart things in class. (And he has braces too!). He sits in the first seat in the first row, and I sit in the second sit in the row right next to his; I used to sit next to him, but some guy stole my seat ;-; Anyways... today he turned around to the girl sitting behind him (to whom he's never spoken to before), and asked her:
"Do you happen to have aspirin, Advil, or something like that?"
He looked in pain, and stretched his arm ; but the girl replied that she didn't have anything.

I usually carry Tylenol in my bag (who knew!!), mostly because of my braces, cramps, or for sudden headaches that may prevent me for concentrating in class. But I remembered that on Tuesday of last week, I forgot the jar where I had to put the kefir the professor was going to give us; so I emptied my medicine container, put the Tylenol in my eyeglasses case, and took the medicine container to class for the kefir. That same day, when I got home, I put the medicine case (with the kefir inside) in my night table drawer, and put the Tylenol on my dresser and never put it back in my bag.

If I had had Tylenol, I could have been like: "Oh, I have some! *shuffle through bag*, here! So, what happened to you?... Oh, really! :O", and then we would make out (oh wow, LOL!). But I had no Tylenol to offer to my crush. He and the girl then started to chit chat about how the professor dressed, and I sat in my seat swearing in my head, wondering what could have been if I had had Tylenol with me.

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  1. si mie imi plac pastilele. mai ales alea ovale cu albastru si rosu, ca in poza:d.


    I like the pills, particulary that oval blue and red pills, like that pills in the picture.