Saturday, February 20, 2010

♥Weekly Hearts♥

Hello! Sorry, I've kinda been away but school is consuming most of my time. Neopets is consuming the rest of it... LOL! Anyways, here are this week's hearts:

Nail Polish
I have an ongoing battle with my fingernails. I've been biting them since I can remember, and since I got braces, it's been easier to let them grow. Still, I have nervous moments where they're gone in an instant. But I've been letting them grow back and I love them because I get to use fun nail polish colors on them again! It's awesome. I currently have rainbow fingers: blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink on each.

I love chocolate. I'm female, for crying out loud!! Haha. Anyways, if you read my previous post, then you know I got a huge chocolate bunny. Need I say more?


As one of my New Year Resolutions, I said that I would be more active and healthy. My mom and I signed up for yoga class at an activity center 15 minutes away from our house. We go two days a week, and I sometimes do some at home following the videos of Esther Ekhart a.k.a. Yogatic on Youtube. She has this beginner's routine that is 30 minutes long and is great. I'm loving yoga so far :]

Yes. I got back into it. I stopped playing constantly for about a year. I would log in every once in a while to buy and sell stocks, and to feed my pets, but I had pretty much left my addiction behind. Or so I thought. I got back into it just in time for Daily Dare, which is so much fun! And although I'm not on it every second of my life like I used to, I love it. Although I don't like the whole Neocash idea, (damn you Nickelodeon!), it's still a fun way to waste time :]

So this are this week's hearts. Share your hearts (favorite things) of the week in the comments below!

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