Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I'm doing during Spring Break!

...May not be as fun as you think ;-;. If you read my Twitter, you may know that I got into the Honors Program at my school. Each professor basically gives me an extra "project" so I can get the Honor credit. I'm taking three classes (out of four) with Honors: biology, accounting, and literature. For biology and accounting I have to read a book and write an essay, and for literature I have to do a presentation to the class about the works of Nell Dunn. Kinda dreading the presentation, but I know everything will be okay.
Even though I don't work (lazy bum), I feel like it's a little too much to handle. So I want this Spring Break to be productive. I'm thinking of keeping my "school schedule" while at home. Not making sense? Story of my life! From 9 to 10AM I will do all the literature work I can fit, from 10 to 11AM I'll read my accounting book, from 11 to 12PM I'll work on my biology blog (yes, a fourth blog!!) because I barely order the book I'm going to read for my Honors. Then from 12 to 1PM I'll have a break, maybe snack on something, take a shower, watch a little TV. And at last, from 1 to 2PM I will do my microeconomics, which all I have to do is rewrite my messy notes into a notebook.
So no procrastinating! Let's see how it goes :]

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  1. quieres hacer demaciadas cosas al mismo tiempo,no crees?