Monday, March 29, 2010

People Who Steal: A Rant

Today I went to kickboxing, and I took my water bottle, bag, and sweatshirt. I left them on the bleachers, while the class was going on (it takes place in a gym, like a school gym). People usually go and seat in the bleachers and watch the class, and then leave.

At the end of the class, I went to the bleachers, and I couldn't see my stuff. As I walked closer I saw that my stuff had been kinda trampled on. My sweatshirt and my bag had a footprint on it. As I gathered my things, I realized my water bottle was missing. I was mad, but ignored it and sat down while I put my gloves in my bag. A girl that was sitting in the bleachers with her ugly looking boyfriend (I think she is the sister of a little girl in class, with who I shared a punching bag today) in the bleachers said something to me, of what I only heard water bottle. I said: "What?", and the little girl shook her head, and then they just left.

I was left kinda startled. When no one was looking I looked for my water bottle under the bleacher seat, but it wasn't there, so I just grabbed my stuff and went to the restroom to wash my hands. On the way, I opened my bag to check if I still had my wallet, phone, etc. Everything was there, but I was pissed. I washed my hands, and headed to my car. Furious.

Now, it wasn't the water bottle. It was a bottle of Sobe Life Water that I bought like two weeks ago at school, but since I hate throwing away plastic bottles (and this bottle was cool looking, and made from sturdy plastic), I was reusing it. It was worth nothing, that's what I'm trying to say. But why would a person take a bottle of water from someone else? I mean, maybe it's because I'm a slight germaphobe, but I wouldn't drink from a stranger's water bottle.

Were they trying to upset me? They've never met me in their life, what was their reason behind it? Where did respect go?

I guess I grew up in a different place, in a different time, but I could just think this over and over and would never understand why. So I'll leave it at that. Good they didn't go through my wallet, or they would have orgasmed at the five dollars and change I had.

From now on, I'll put my bag somewhere I can see it. Problem solved.

Just what pisses me off even more, is that I always leave the class feeling happy and energized, wanting to sing from the top of my lungs all the way home. But not today. I felt furious, upset, weak, sick. But oh well, I'll just put this behind me. Sorry, but I had to rant.

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