Monday, March 28, 2011

Today was a total fail.

Today was one of those days that make me think that I've done something very bad and karma is trying to whip my butt.

First, I was in a hurry this morning, so I forgot to put my glasses, wallet, and hairbrush in my school bag, so I was blind, money less, and my hair was a mess. I also forgot my eyeshadow primer, so my makeup was pretty much only eyeliner and mascara. And okay, this wasn't terrible and I got over it, but I just was expecting this to be it.

Then, I became brain dead or something because I honestly cannot explain my stupidity (I probably need to stop watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians"). So today the professor was going to explain an assignment, so I wanted to be there on time since all last week I was late. So I got walking to my class with plenty of time and decided to kill sometime going into the bathroom and fixing my hair. My class is at 8:30AM, and it was 8:09AM when I decided to head to the classroom. There were people there, and I could see the lecture slides up, so for some reason I didn't think more of it other than "OMG I'm late again!" and just walked in and took my seat. The professor gave me the assignment handout, and as soon as I sat down, the proffesor was like:"Alright, so this is it. Good luck with your assignment, don't forget to sign up for a meeting with me". I was very confused, and all I could think was that the assignment was pretty self explanatory and that he wasn't going to be going over it. So I just got up and signed up for a metting with the proffesor, and I left. It was 8:15AM. My class hadn't started yet. I walked in on the 7:30AM class.

So not only did I miss the assignment instructions, but I made a complete fool of myself and I'll forever be the dumb girl who walks in on the wrong class and leaves before her actual class starts. At least the assignment is the same, but I had to send the embarrassing e-mail to the professor asking if I should re-schedule my meeting because I "accidentally" signed up in the wrong class sheet. And when do you think I figured out the whole why-did-my-class-end-so-fast situation? About 4 hours later, while I was daydreaming in my Statistics class. Yes, it took me that long.

Does it stop there? No way! When I left my class before it started, I though: "Oh, I have a lot of time all of the sudden, why not study for my psychology quiz!". So I did. But guess what? I studied the wrong material. Are you kidding me, Ana. Really?... This resulted in a 70% on my quiz. Balls.

And I know all of this is not that bad and one day I'll look back on it and instead of cringing I'll laugh, so I probably should also point out a couple of good things that happened today:
1. I found out I got a 93 in my statistics exam :D
2. My brother's girlfriend's mom sent me a bag full of Mexican candy. I'm a sucker for candy, but Mexican candy is just like a million times better than American candy. The only downside to this is that just yesterday I decided to go on a "diet", and this kinda throws me off a little :D

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