Sunday, October 3, 2010

Headphones FAIL

I bought these cute headphones from Ebay a couple of weeks ago, and I love them! I love how they look, the fact that they're very comfortable, and how they sound. Then today I remembered to leave feedback to the seller, so I did leave a very positive feedback. And 15 minutes after I did so, they broke. Like, literally broke, the plastic inside the white band snapped in two.

I wasn't necessarily angry, I found it rather comical. Kinda like when things break just when the warranty ends, haha.

So I e-mailed the seller and explained what happened, so she is sending me a new pair! Awesome :D I guess I'll have to keep using these in the mean time...


  1. Haha! You must have such a good outlook to not get mad in a situation like this! I had Skullcandy headphones that split in 2 and I got really mad and then laughed about it and sent them in for a replacement with a note that "my head is too big." They sent me a free pair back. :) (P. S. I have no idea how you came across my really old post with my sunglasses but thanks for commenting!)

  2. @Samantha: Haha, well I was a little upset, but it was kinda funny to me :D

    And I was googling pictures of people wearing Threadless t-shirts, and I came across your blog, and then saw you wearing those really cool sunglasses ☺