Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday FetusTard! ♥

Today is the day hundred of thousands of people have been waiting for: the birth of FetusTard!

I have been watching the SHAYTARDS vlogs on YouTube for maybe 4 months, and I've fell in love with that family. Sometimes I like them better than my own family... I kid, I kid ;] (No, but really). And all their viewers have been waiting for the day when MommyTard would pop.

I'm not a baby person at all (but I don't hate babies either). I mean, if I see a cute baby I'm like: "Aww cute baby! *squeal*", but then I'm like: "Okay, over it...", and I move on with my life. But I've been so excited about this baby, and I cannot wait for the baby vlogs.

My aunt, mom, grandma, and myself (although I haven't done much), have been planning a baby shower for my cousin's wife, who is also about to pop. And honestly, I am WAY, WAY more excited about FetusTard.

*squeal*, I'm so excited!! ^-^

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